Campus Projects

Over the next year or so, our community will be engaged in two Ballfield campus projects:  a Lincoln School project and a proposed Community Center project.  

This page provides links to each of the committees involved in developing those projects, and information about how they are working together with the Town to build a shared vision for the Ballfield campus. Please visit the pages and get involved!

Community Center:

Preliminary Planning & Design Committee (PPDC)

Ellen Meyer Shorb, Chair*
Margit Griffith, Vice-Chair
Owen Beenhouwer*
Sarah Chester
Doug Crosby
Jonathan Dwyer
Dilla Tingley
Steve Gladstone
Eric Harris
Tim Higgins*
Carolyn Bottum
Dan Pereira

PPDC Home Page

Lincoln School Project:

School Building Committee (SBC)

Chris Fasciano, Chair*
Kim Bodnar, Vice-Chair
Tim Christenfeld
Buck Creel
Jennifer Glass
Michael Haines
Gina Halsted
Sharon Hobbs
Becky McFall*
Craig Nicholson*
Steven Perlmutter
Peter Sugar

Lincoln School Project Home Page

*Denotes members who also serve on the Campus Coordination Group,
which is responsible for joint planning between the PPDC and the SBC.

Campus Coordination Group (CCG)

Campus Coordination Group Agendas & Minutes

Campus Master Planning Committee (CMPC)

Although this is no longer an active committee, a link has been placed here as a resource for all related committees

Campus Master Planning Committee Page (inactive)