Paved Road Side Path Repair - Existing Paths

117 path

Lincoln’s roadside path network is an important piece of the Town’s infrastructure that the Town has invested in over many years. The path network is a Town feature that many residents are very proud to have in our community. The network provides the opportunity for pedestrians, bicyclists, and even equestrians to safely and efficiently access many areas in Town. 

Because much of Lincoln’s roadside path network meanders through wooded areas, portions of the paved paths are subject to various types of damage. This includes: tree roots, rocks, erosion, and cracking. This project seeks to repair these areas of the paved path network that have been damaged. These repairs will take place along Trapelo Road, Lincoln Road, South Great Road (Route 117), Concord Road (Route 126), and Blackburnian Road. The Town is committed to Complete Street concepts and projects, including overviews of the Town’s path network. The work under this project includes: removal of broken sections of bituminous concrete path, removal of roots, rocks, and other objects, re-grading of subgrade, paving of pathways, and pathway over-lay. Other incidental work such as erosion repair may also be included.