MBTA Proposed Monopoles

Update August 14, 2017

The MBTA Wi-Fi project as currently proposed will not be advanced.  The MBTA is requesting that the contractor submit a new proposal for a more modest project involving the use of shorter monopoles or existing light poles to provide Wi-Fi with only excess space available for lease to third party communication providers. The current proposal was to install approximately 320 seventy-foot monopoles within the MBTA Right of Way with 3 being sited in Lincoln.

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​Update August 2, 2017:

Currently the ​​Wi-Fi project is before the MBTA Fiscal Management and Control Board (FMCB). Two meeting have been held: June 26th, 2017 where information about the project was presented to board members and July 31st, 2017 for public comments. The next meeting is August 14th, 2017. Click here to view agendas and information posted by the FMCB.

The FMCB has put a hold on any work done within the MBTA ROW related to the Wi-Fi project until the Board is satisfied. The Wi-Fi project has been separated from the Positive Train Control (PTC) project. Many communities were notified by the MBTA and are in the 106 process with a 30-day public comment period. Lincoln has not been notified and will not be notified until after the FMCB process. Once the Town is notified (Lincoln Historical Commission, Town Administrator and Planning Board) a 30-day comment period will begin. Mass DOT will put a hearing notice in the local newspaper but not required to notify abutters. However, the Town will notify abutters within 600' of the proposed poles and also place a notice on the website and town bulletin board.

​ ​​3 poles are being proposed for Lincoln: ​​ ​​

​1. Concord South: 127-137 Route 126 ​
​​2. Lincoln North: 1-99 Green Ridge Lane​ ​
​3. 285 South Great Road

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​​​​Please note the proposed poles will be located within the MBTA right of way. The addresses listed are the closest physical address to the proposed poles.

​​​Although the MBTA is not required to meet with individual towns, they have indicated they are willing to participate in either a Board of Selectmen or Planning Board meeting to discuss the project one the Town is officially notified. We will continue to update this website and notify abutters when we learn more. ​

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​​Update July 2017:

The April 26, 2016 Planning Board meeting was cancelled by Mass DOT. Rick Colon from Mass DOT indicated that the WiFi project was still going through the permitting process established by the FCC. Mr. Colon indicated that initially the project was described as a Positive Train Control (PTC) / WiFi project. The projected changed and PTC was removed from the project and Mass DOT had to refile applications with the FCC. Mr. Colon from Mass DOT indicated that once the process concludes the company working on permitting (Ramaker) will address any environmental and historic district requirements and will be in touch with the town of Lincoln. Once a formal application is filed with the Town we will communicate with the public and update this webpage with the process. ​​​​​
​ ​ ​
​March 2016:​

​The MBTA is planning to install three monopoles in the Town along the MBTA commuter train to comply with the federal mandate to have emergency train stop controls in place.

The Planning Board has invited the MBTA to their planning board meeting on Tuesday April 26th, 2016 at 7:30pm for a discussion and to learn more about the project. Abutters were within 600' of the proposed poles were notified by the Town.

Mass DOT will give a brief power point presentation and overview of the proposed monopole project. They will have representatives there to answer questions.​​

Proposed Monopole near 1-99 Green Ridge Lane (near DPW Site)

Tower 25 Near DPW Ridge Road

Proposed Monopole 127-137 Concord Road Route 126

tower 24 Near 127-129 Concord Road

Proposed Monopole Near 285 South Great Road

Tower 26 Near 285 South Great Road