Carroll School - Wayland

UPDATE - November 21, 2016

An Application for Site Plan Review was filed with the Town of Wayland on June 28, 2016 for Non-Profit Educational Use Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40A, Section 3.

This project was approved by the Town of Wayland and is currently under construction.


Sarkis Sarkisian
41Cochituate Road
Wayland MA 01778

Paula Vaughn-MacKenzie, Director of Planning & Land Use
16 Lincoln Road
Lincoln MA 01773

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To view files on Carroll school please click here:

Hardcopies of the Application, Traffic Study and Plan can also be viewed in the Lincoln Planning Department.

Electronic copies of the submittal can be found below by clicking on the links below:

Cover Letter from Schlesinger and Buchbinder, LLP, dated June 28, 2016

Application for Site Plan Review dated June 28, 2016

Project Narrative from Oak Consulting Group, LLC, dated June 27, 2016

Traffic Impact and Access Study (without appendix) by Bayside Engineering Inc., dated June 24, 2016

Traffic Impact and Access Study Appendix

Peer Review Traffic Study - August 5 2016

Plans dated June 27, 2016

Stormwater Management and Pollution Prevention Plan prepared by Oak Consulting Group LLC dated June 2016

Hearing/Meeting Notice