Healthy Communities Lincoln


  • Carolyn Bottum
  • Kevin Kennedy
  • Tricia McGean
  • Barbara Myles
  • Maureen Richichi
  • John Ritz
  • Anita Scheipers
  • Kitty Stein
  • Jacquelin Apsler, Co-chair
  • Dan Pereira, Co-chair
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Using grant funds received from CHNA 15*, this Steering Committee, comprised of town residents and employees, was formed to oversee a number of community health initiatives using the Healthy Community Principles which define “health” and “community” in the broadest of terms to include physical, mental, social and spiritual health. The Steering Committee identified four focus areas for the town of Lincoln.

The Task Forces are as follows:

1. Pressures on Children and Teens Task Force established the Sudbury and Lincoln Community Resource Awareness Network ( to better coordinate and communicate youth and family services available to both communities.

2. Roads and Roadside-path Use and Safety Task Force focused on drivers and riders behaviors (adding to the tension between multiple users), road and path conditions (infrastructural improvements & inclusion in future planning), and development of the outdoor community (making connections to go forward).

3. Tick-Borne Diseases (TBDs) Task Force held multiple educational campaign regarding tick borne diseases, posted signage on trails and at field edges to warn the public about TBD’s. Binders filled with the most up-to-date information on TBDs were distributed and a town wide mailing was completed. Mapping was done of local TBD cases. Tick Tubes were made available at cost to residents. Several public forums were held with regional experts. Regional work is underway with area towns to increase public education.

4. Seniors and Vulnerable Residents Task Force held two well-attended panel forums on Medicare, Medicaid and long-term care and the wide array of services available to enable elders to remain safely at home for as long as possible. These were aimed at both elders and caregivers. The Task Force also conducted a town-wide transportation survey, provided analysis and made recommendations regarding transportation needs and possible future services, and also created binders of information about health issues for elders and those with disabilities.

The two health related initiative are as follows:

1. The Lincoln Wellness Clinic: A Monthly or Bi-Monthly Service Open to All Residents held at a variety of public locations around town.

2. The Pink Pages: A Health & Wellness Directory located at the front the Community Phone book, courtesy of the Friends of the Lincoln Library.

We are pleased to note that two of our initiatives’ Task Forces have established collaborative entities with our neighboring communities. The Pressure on Children & Teens Task Force has become the Community Resource Awareness Network (CRANE) with our neighbors in Sudbury, and the Tick Task Force has become a regional focus group with the towns of Acton, Bedford, Carlisle, Concord, Lexington, Waltham and Wayland.

We look forward to continuing our work towards a healthier Lincoln Community and encourage interested residents to join our effort!

*CHNA15 is one of 27 Community Health Network Areas (CHNAs) in Massachusetts created by the Department of Public Health in 1992. The CHNA’s are an initiative to improve through local collaborative designed to identify the health needs of member communities, find ways to address those needs and improve the health of the community.