New Officer Induction

Induction Ceremony

Lincoln residents interested in public service can become involved in town affairs either through the ballot box, at the annual Town Election, or through appointment, most frequently by the Select Board or the Town Moderator. Volunteers are always in high demand! Please refer to relevant web pages for further information.

Each spring, an Induction Ceremony for newly elected and appointed officials is conducted by the Town Clerk’s office in concert with the Town Administrator and the Moderator. It is, we hope, an informative and celebratory introduction of new officials to each other, key leaders, and their mutual obligations under state law.

Register of Oaths Sworn - new.png Following administration of the oath of office, these newly minted, or recently renewed, public officials each signify their place in Lincoln’s long line of public service by providing a signature in the Town’s official Register of Oaths Signed.