Town Seal

State and local law entrust responsibility for the Town Seal with the Office of the Town Clerk. Its custody, in fact, is specifically assigned to the Clerk's Office by the Town Bylaws (Article III, Section 4B).

The application of the embossed seal is what signifies a document as official and its content authentic. A facsimile copy of a vital record, for instance, is insufficient for most purposes in the absence of the embossment.
Zoning and Planning Board decisions, for further example, will not be accepted by the Registry of Deeds without the raised seal.

Electronic access to the Town Seal is available through the IT Director. Users are asked to review and comply with the Town Seal Code of Conduct, as follows:

The Town Seal is the official emblem of the Town of Lincoln. Its use is intended to be limited to official documents and objects. It is not meant to be employed for "branding" or other commercial purposes by municipal, non-profit or other public or private entities. Please be thoughtful when applying it.

The image of the seal is now available in two formats: the "classic" jpg, and the new, high-definition Vector file (.ai). The vector file should be used when hiring a print company to create a large, non-paper object such as the road banner for Town Meeting or plastic markers for the Town Boundary. The high resolution vector file is layered so the text and graphics can be black, grey, hollow or color. It will present clearer graphics and sharper lines on large format prints. The vector (.ai) file is in a format that commercial printers regularly work with and so can be emailed directly to them without needing to open it on one's own work station first.

If you have questions concerning the propriety or terms of use of the Town Seal, please contact the Town Clerk's Office.