Safety Officer

Welcome to the Safety Officer's Page!

Officer Matthew Forance is the department's Safety Officer and is responsible for coordinating the departments traffic enforcement and safety efforts.

Safety Efforts include:

  • Traffic Enforcement
  • School Bus Safety
  • Car Seat Safety Inspections
  • Accident Data Collection
  • Implementing and Maintaining the Traffic Program

School Bus Safety Tips

Riding on a school bus is the safest way for your child to travel to and from school. The greatest risk is not riding the school bus but leaving it, so children need to be especially careful around the school bus danger zone. The danger zone includes a 10 foot radius around the school bus and include the front, rear and both sides.

LPD- School Bus Safety Banner.jpg

Please visit: to learn more about school bus safety.

Car Seat Safety

Officer Gallo is a Certified Car Seat Safety Inspector and can install your child's car seat by calling and setting up an appointment.

LPD- Get More Involved.jpg Get involved by finding the right car seat for you child based on car seat types and age and size requirements.

LPD- Car Seat Safety.jpg Learn how to properly install your car seat by contacting your local Car Seat Safety Technician or by visiting the following link:

To learn more about car seat safety please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations website or by clicking the following link

Traffic Enforcement

LPD- Lidar Enforcement.jpg
Part of each patrol officers regular duties is to conduct 1 hour of dedicated traffic enforcement on each of their shifts. If you would like to request a traffic enforcement assignment at a specific location or part of town please call the police department at 781-259-8113 or by downloading and submitting the Traffic Enforcement Form.

Accident Data Collection

All motor vehicle accidents that occur in the Town of Lincoln are submitted to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for the purposes of record keeping and accident data collection.

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has a Crash Reporting Web Portal that both residents and non-residents can query for specific accident data using a variety of fields.

The web portal can be accessed by clicking the following link:

Traffic Monitoring Program

LPD- Traffic Speedboard.JPG The Lincoln Police Department is equipped with a traffic speed board which reports and
records vehicle traffic speed. The primary use of the speed board is to discourage speeding
and to collect data on traffic speed and volume in the different parts of town.

If you would like to speak with Officer Matthew Forance or have a general question please call