Cable TV

Lincoln's TV channel

may be seen on:
- Comcast channel 8, 2nd channel on 99
- Verizon channel 33


Regional High School's channel is on:
- Comcast channel 9
- Verizon channel 32

The Lincoln TV channel is operated by the Cable Advisory Committee of the Town of Lincoln, MA and provides educational and government content to the residents of Lincoln who subscribe to Comcast or Verizon television service.
Video Broadcast to your Computer is a way to watch the Lincoln broadcast channel on your computer.

Video Library to your Computer is a "video server" that houses many of the meetings and events that occur in Lincoln. The initial page shows the latest five video events. Additional pages go in chronological order. To find a specific event, you may select a "folder" that will just show videos for that folder topic. Another method is to put in some search terms.
Once a video is selected, the video will display in a window. Controls at the bottom let you move to different parts of the video and also make the video appear in full screen. Controls at the side "index markers" allow you to jump directly to a sub-topic.