Community Preservation Committee

Committee Members

  • Bill Stason - Chair
  • Craig Donaldson
  • Chris Fasciano
  • Renel Fredriksen
  • Lucretia Giese
  • Peyton Marshall
  • John Valpey
  • Peter von Mertens
  • Bryce Wolf


In Novermber 2002, Lincoln voters adopted the Community Preservation Act establishing a Community Preservation Fund for open space, affordable housing, historic preservation and recreation, to be funded by a 1.5% real property tax surcharge, with matching funds from the State. At Town Meeting in March 2004, the Town approved increasing the surcharge to 3.0%. The Town estimates that the Fund will generate approximately $950,000 per fiscal year, including the 100% State match. The Community Preservation Act requires that at least 10% of each year’s Community Preservation Fund revenues be spent or set aside for spending on each of the three Community Preservation core categories - open space, affordable housing and historic preservation. The remaining 70% of the Community Preservation Fund may be allocated among those three categories, and recreation, as the Community Preservation Committee and Town Meeting see fit.

The Town’s Community Preservation Committee is charged with identifying long and short term goals and needs in the four areas (open space, affordable housing, historic preservation and recreation), establishing criteria for evaluating proposed initiatives, and making recommendations to Town Meeting for the expenditure of the Community Preservation Fund. The Community Preservation Committee wants to make recommendations that have broad public support and meet a compelling vision of the Town’s future. To that end, we are asking the citizens of Lincoln to complete this Questionnaire expressing your views on how the Town’s Community Preservation Fund can best be deployed, both short and long term, to meet our community preservation goals.

Previous Submissions

Project Submissions - click on the subpage: History of Submissions located at the top of the grey column to the left to see all of the previous submissions to the Community Preservation Committee since its inception.

Project Submission Form

Project Submission Form
The CPC has a two-step process for submitting applications for funding. To be considered at the March Town Meeting, a preliminary “Letter of Interest” and completed form must be received by the previous September 30. If the proposal is determined to be eligible for consideration, we will ask you to submit more detailed information by October 31.

Community Preservation Questionnaire!

Please complete our Questionnaire. Please print out the Questionaire, complete it and return it to us by way of the Board of Selectmen's office in Town Hall.