About Us

Mission Statement

The Lincoln Council on Aging and Human Services is a welcoming organization that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. The COA&HS strives to enrich the lives of Lincoln residents 60 years of age or older (approximately 1/3 of the population) and assist older residents to remain safely and independently in our community. In addition, the COA&HS provides services to Lincoln residents of all ages who are in a serious financial crisis or who need help in caring for elders. We also develop new social services resources for residents of all ages in collaboration with other Town departments and organizations. Most of our educational, social, and recreational activities are open to people of all ages.

COA&HS Staff

 Abigail Butt, PhD, Director, butta@lincolntown.org

Amy Gagne, Assistant Director, gagnea@lincolntown.org

Carlee Castetter, LCSW, Transportation Coordinator & Town Social Worker, castetterc@lincolntown.org

Natalia Dedkov, Town Social Worker, dedkovn@lincolntown.org

Claire Gerstein, LICSW, Group Support, gersteinc@lincolntown.org

Peter Harvell, Veterans Services Officer, harvellp@lincolntown.org

Barbara Low, Bemis Hall Coordinator, lowb@lincolntown.org

Tricia McGean, NP, Public Health Nurse, mcgeanp@lincolntown.org

Terry Green, Work-Off Coordinator, greent@lincolntown.org

All staff may be reached at (781) 259-8811.


The Lincoln Council on Aging & Human Services could not provide its programs and services without the essential help of our many volunteers. Give us a call at 781-259-8811 to see how you can join us.

Agendas & Minutes 

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. 

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Lincoln Council on Aging Board Members

The Lincoln Council on Aging (COA) is a team of 12 board members, staff, and volunteers who all work together to enhance the quality of life for Lincoln’s older residents. We are pleased to introduce you to them.

The Lincoln Council on Aging is overseen by a board of directors. This year’s board consists of:

  • Dilla Tingley, Chair
  • Laura Crosby, Vice Chair
  • Sally Kindleberger, Correspondence
  • Terry Perlmutter, Correspondence
  • Wendy Kusik, LICSW
  • Don Milan, JD
  • Jane O'Rourke, LICSW
  • Kathy Ramon
  • Donna Rizzo
  • Mark Sandman
  • Peter Von Mertens
  • Hope White

ARTICLE XV Council on Aging

There shall be established a Council on Aging for the purpose of coordinating and carrying out programs designed to meet the needs of older citizens, pursuant to the provisions of MGL, Chapter 40, Section 8B. The Council shall consist of not less than nine (9) nor more than twelve (12) residents of this Town to be appointed by the Selectmen. Terms shall not exceed three (3) years, and shall be staggered so that no more than four appointments shall be made in any calendar year, except the first year. Officers of the Council shall be elected by the Council from its membership.