Emergency Medical Services

Response & Emergency Treatment

The Lincoln Fire Department provides basic life support (B.L.S.) emergency medical services to all persons within the Town of Lincoln. Firefighters, certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as emergency medical technicians (EMTs), staff the ambulance.

Services Provided by EMTs

In addition to BLS skills, all Firefighter / EMTs are authorized to perform defibrillation using automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) on cardiac arrest patients, as well as administer the drug epinephrine with an EpiPen auto injector to patients in anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions). All members are authorized to administer albuterol treatments and monitor glucose levels for patients that meet state protocols.

Emerson Hospital

Emerson Hospital provides advanced life support (ALS) emergency medical services with certified paramedics to supplement the Fire Department on request.

For Billing Inquiries Please Contact ProEMS
Main Billing Line: 617-492-8484
Fax Line: 617-492-1213
Website: https://proems.com/patients/

Ambulance 3 & Other Apparatus

We serve the community 24/7. On occasions in which Ambulance 3 is committed to one emergency call and another emergency call is received, an available ambulance from a neighboring town's fire department is requested to respond to provide patient transport to a local hospital. Likewise, Ambulance 3 is occasionally requested to respond to out-of-town emergencies (reciprocal mutual aid).

Engine 3 and Engine 2 are also equipped with medical and rescue equipment, including an AED, and respond to medical / rescue related calls.