Planning Board

Board Members

Margaret Olson, Chair

Lynn DeLisi, Vice-Chair

Gary Taylor

Ephraim Flint

Craig Nicholson

Andy Bennett, Associate Member

Mission Statement

The broad mission of the Planning Board is to further the welfare of the citizens of Lincoln by helping to create and preserve a healthful, convenient, efficient and attractive community environment. The physical as well as the social and economic community is a single organism, all features and activities of which are related and interdependent. There is a need for the application of intelligent foresight and planned administrative and legal coordination, if balance, harmony, and order are to be insured. It is the task of planning to supply this foresight and this overall coordination.

Service Description

The Planning Board's activities range from coordination of broad forward looking plans for the town or for particular parts of it, to regulation of individual development projects.


The Planning Board regulates land development according to the provisions of the Massachusetts General Law, the Town of Lincoln Zoning Bylaw, and the Rules and Regulations governing the subdivision of land and laying out of ways. The Planning Board is responsible for land planning, the subdivision of land and recommendations for changes to the Zoning Bylaw and the Zoning Map. The Board reviews both commercial and residential site plans as well as changes involving a scenic road. The Board grants special permits for certain land uses including wireless communication facilities, and permits for certain signs and fences. The Board is also required to review and make recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals regarding accessory apartments and uses in the business district.

The Planning Board takes the lead on major land use planning exercises but takes care to ensure involvement by a wide range of town boards and residents.


 The Town of Lincoln's Comprehensive Long Range Plan was accepted at the 2009 Town Meeting. A key issue identified in the plan was the economic sustainability of Lincoln's small commercial area, Lincoln Station. In 2010 a Planning Board subcommittee was formed to study and make recommendations for Lincoln Station. The study was completed in 2014 and documents the advantages & challenges for Lincoln Station, supported by background information including demographics, infrastructure, & site constraints.

In 2016 a Place Making study was conducted by the Conway School looking at ways to make Lincoln Station a more vibrant center with improved pedestrian connectivity to the surrounding area.

The South Lincoln Planning Implementation Committee (SLPIC) is a Planning Board subcommittee and focuses on project specific planning projects in and around South Lincoln/Lincoln Station. SLPIC will implement and manage projects in and around Lincoln Station and South Lincoln and report to the planning board with updates.

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Planning and Land Use Projects

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Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Battle Road Scenic Byway

A corridor management plan for the historic Battle Road, which runs through Concord, Lincoln, Lexington, and Arlington, is being prepared by Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) staff with funding from federal and state highways sources. You can learn more about this program by visiting the Battle Road Scenic Byway website. Bob Domnitz is the current Planning Board Liaison to this committee.