Village Center Survey

The Future of Lincoln's Village Center

For the last two years the Planning Board has been considering changes to the zoning in South Lincoln in the area around the Mall and the Commuter Rail Station to create a more vital and sustainable Village Center. This effort, undertaken through a subcommittee, the South Lincoln Planning Advisory Committee (SLPAC), seeks to further several objectives. These include:

• To support and promote commercial activity, services, and amenities in and around the Mall;

• To provide more diversity in housing options; and

• To facilitate pedestrian and bicycle traffic and use of the Commuter Rail.

During the course of discussions and meetings regarding rezoning, various concerns have been raised. Among these are:

• The geographic scope of the area potentially rezoned;

• The density and scale of allowed development (both in terms of the number of units and

the height and massing of structures); and

• The impacts of development upon traffic in the area, nearby residents and Lincoln’s

finances and schools.


The postcard below was mailed to every resident in the Town on May 14, 2021

The survey was open until June 30, 2021

Paper copies were available by contacting the Planning Office.

2021 Village Center Survey



790 Responses

A PDF of the survey for reference can be viewed here

The results of the survey are presented in graph format:  Survey Results

All submitted comments are contained in a separate document as written: Survey Comments


Design Guidelines dated January 24, 2020.

Traffic Study dated December 30, 2020.

South Lincoln Village Buildout and Fiscal Analysis dated October 30, 2020.

All those who submitted e-mail addresses will be notified when updates are posted to this webpage. 

Please join the Planning Board for a discussion of the survey results on September 28th, 2021 at 7:00pm. The agenda and zoom information will be available on the Town calendar, here.

For a copy of the power point presentation used at the Planning Board/SLPAC meeting on September 28, 2021 click here.