Town Meeting 2021

A.  Accessory Apartments:  This year, the Planning Board is proposing revisions to Section 14.3.2, the requirements for an Accessory Apartment.  To review the text please use this link.

There are three proposed revisions:

1. Delete 14.3.2(c) Age of Structure

2. Add a cap on the number of accessory apartments permitted to 5% of all residential dwellings as stated in the most recent Federal Census.

3. Add a provision requiring a minimum rental term of 30 days where either the accessory apartment or the principal dwelling is occupied as a rental unit.

Accessory Apartments are one way for the Town to accomplish the following goals without an adverse effect on the Town's subsidized housing inventory:

1. Addresses lack of housing choice

2. promotes environmentally friendly smaller residential units

3. provides flexibility for all stages of life.

4. encourages smaller homes for smaller families.

5. allows aging in place with supplemental income.

6. allows multigenerational living.

7. creates moderately priced housing without subsidy.

B. Illicit Discharge General Bylaw:

Lincoln is one of 260 Massachusetts communities regulated under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and the 2016 Massachusetts Small MS4 General Permit. The EPA has identified land disturbance and polluted storm water runoff as a major source of water pollution. Under this permit, Lincoln is required to work on a range of measures to address regulation requirements which include adoption of a Storm Water Management Bylaw.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions click here.

To review the text of the proposed General Bylaw, click here.

Final Bylaw Voted at Town Meeting May 15, 2021  

For the final text of the Accessory Apartment Bylaw adopted at Town Meeting click here.