Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Month Date New Cases Date New Cases Date New Cases Date New Cases Date  New Cases Total
March         3/21/2020 5 3/28/2020 1     6
April 4/4/2020 3 4/12/2020 6 4/18/2020 6 4/25/2020 4 4/29/2020 0 25
May 5/6/2020 4 5/13/2020 1 5/20/2020 2 5/27/2020 2     32
June 6/3/2020 2 6/10/2020 2 6/17/2020 0 6/24/2020 0     38
July 7/1/2020 2 7/8/2020 1 7/15/2020 0 7/22/2020 0 7/29/2020 0 41
August 8/5/2020 3 8/12/2020 1 8/19/2020 1 8/26/2020 1     47
September 9/2/2020 0 9/9/2020 1 9/16/2020 0 9/23/2020 0 9/30/2020 3 51
October 10/7/2020 0 10/14/2020 1 10/21/2020 2 10/29/2020 1     55
November 11/5/2020 2 11/12/2020 4 11/19/2020 1         62

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COVID Dashboard 11.19.20 Page 1


COVID Dashboard 11.19.20 Page 2

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Active COVID Clusters by Exposure Settting Type -11.19.20

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Testing by Date-Molecular (Percent Positive)-11.19.20

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Dashboard of Public Health Indicators-11.19.20



Previous Updates

August 25, 2020-Lincoln/Sudbury Joint Statement of Preventing COVID Spread Click Here*
July 28, 2020-Emerson Hospital: Allergies or COVID-19?  
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June 15, 2020-Get tested for COVID-19: June 17th and June 18th 
Click here* The Commonwelath is urging anyone who has attended a large gathering in the past two weeks to get tested for COVID-19.  This testing will be provided at no cost to you.
June 1, 2020-COVID-19 Testing Sites Click Here*
May 18, 2020-Reopening Planning Process Click Here*
May 18, 2020-Update Resources For Lincoln Residents During the Coronavirus Pandemic Click Here*
May 13, 2020-Positive COVID-19 antibody test could require isolation, public health nurse warns Click Here*
May 13, 2020-COVID-19 rates still climbing in area towns Click Here
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May 5, 2020-Commonwealth of Massachusetts Face Covering Order Click Here
May 1, 2020-Directions on how to make your own face mask Click Here
April 16, 2020-Town of Lincoln Business and Non-Profit Resources Click Here
April 7, 2020-The Commons: Letter to Families Click Here
March 27, 2020
-How your Public Health Nurse Responds to COVID19 Cases, Click Here
March 31, 2020-MA COVID19 Testing Sites 

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March 23, 2020
-Governor Baker's Closure Order

Click here for Signed Essential Services and Revised Gatherings Order
Click here for Exhibit A Essential Services

March 23, 2020-Beware of Scammers Taking Advantage of the Coronavirus Public Health Emergency Click Here*

March 23, 2020-Lincoln COVID19 Announcement Click Here*
March 23, 2020-,6:30 PM.-  Virtual Meeting Pursuant to Governor Baker's March 12, 2020 Order Suspending Certain Provisions of Open Meeting Law.  Click here* to view the agenda.
March 19, 2020-In the ongoing efforts to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, Lincoln’s playgrounds and play structures will be closed until further notice. Athletic fields are closed to group gatherings and sporting activities/events. Town parks will remain open and residents are encouraged to continue using public, open spaces while practicing the CDC guidelines for social distancing and hygiene.
March 19, 2020-Resources for Volunteer Organizations During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Click Here*
March 17, 2020-Transfer Station Hours Expanded Click Here*
March 16, 2020-Town Health Emergency Planning Update Click Here*
March 16, 2020-Lincoln Coronavirus Update Click Here*
March 16, 2020-Town Services Update Click Here*
March 16, 2020-You can call 211 for 24/7 guidance on COVID 19: Prevention, Symptoms, Info on Testing and Guidance related to travel.
March 13, 2020-Lincoln Public Health Planning Update Click Here
March 10, 2020-Letter to Lincoln Residents from Trish McGean, Public Health Nurse Click Here
March 10, 2020-L/S Pandemic Planning Click Here

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