Special Police Officers

 The Lincoln Police Department employs part-time Special Police Officers who supplement the department by performing traffic details, prisoner watch, crossing guard duty, and additional support to officers during special towns functions such as the 4th of July events, Halloween, etc.

Each Special Police Officer has full police powers and must attend the Basic Reserve Intermittent Police Academy prior to appointment. Under the direction of the Municipal Police Training Committee, the Basic Reserve Police Academy is a total 392 hours and is designed to provide each special police officer with the tools necessary to effectively and safely perform the police function in his or her community. In addition, each Special Police Officer must attend 40 hours of reserve in service training every year as well as qualify with their duty firearm, patrol rifle, and less-lethal shotguns.

Lincoln Special Police Officers:

  • Special Officer R. McCarty
  • Special Officer J. MacDonald
  • Special Officer G. White 
  • Special Officer E. Wright
  • Special Officer B. Nikolassy