2020 Annual Town Meeting

Town meeting 2020 is our first socially distant, outdoor town meeting. We also expected to be our quickest!

We hope you are willing to join us in the Hartwell parking lot at 9:30 AM to be part of history! BUT, if you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe in doing so, we will be live streaming the event for casual viewing. PLEASE NOTE, you will not be able to participate through this link…only view. TO PARTICIPATE, YOU NEED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE.

Even though this is a Facebook link, you DO NOT need a Facebook account or any sort of password to view the meeting… Just follow the link below:


We hope to see you there… or we hope you see us there!

Finance Committee, June 9th update

Notice of Meeting of BOS (on 06/13/20 at 8:45 AM) to Consider Reducing Quorum for Annual Town Meeting

Signed Senate Bill S2680

Town Meeting Presentations

Upcoming Virtual Public Presentations

Moderator’s Declaration

BOS Moderator Memo

2020 Warrant

Finance Committee Memo

Article List

Consent Calendar


Financial Section and Warrant for 2020 Annual Town Meeting

Memo from School Building Committee

2019 Annual Town Report

May 2020 BOS Newsletter - ATM Edition 

Certified Vote of the Board of Selectmen to Move Election Date

Commonwealth of MA Acts of 2020 Chapter 45

Specimen Ballot

Hartwell Parking Lot Layout Diagram

Updated: June 12, 2020